About me

- The photographer

I have always loved to take photos since I was a young child, but my family was never rich so I never really got any good fancy camera. I had to go with what I got. I loved landscape photography but also travel and locals, national treasures, people in their right element.

But years go on I get myself some dogs and my mother gets a boyfriend. Eventually, the boyfriend is kind enough to give away his DSLR camera that I had long wanted. But when I got it, I didn't know how to use it. The school year of 2014/2015 I decided to take a basic education in photography. Not only would I then learn to use my camera, but I would also learn the different types of photography. Maybe studio or commercials could be something for me?

During the school year, we got different types of homework that we had to do. Unfortunately, my friends lived 1.5 hours or more away from me. The planning to accomplish these tasks with help of friends could be difficult especially if the task had to be done the same week. So I had to work with what I had. And what did I have? I had six dogs to use.

I ended up using my dogs for most of my homework. They were even in my final exam.  A classmate commented that I use my dogs for everything. And I'm like, yes. Most of the time I don't have anyone else.

Ever since 2014, my dogs have always been models for my photography. I never knew back then that dog photography, even with six dogs, was what I would end up doing.

My name is Sarah Liora Lewis and I was born in 1988 in Akershus county. My hobby is mushing/dog sledding. I have 15 grown-up dogs. And sometimes puppies.