W.R. Purche said; Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.

Tom Joens said; Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t ever know we had.

I think this applies to all pets and they all deserve to be captured in a moment. Your moment.

Where is your best moment with your pet?

Do you want to capture that moment in a photo and keep it forever?

Do you want me to help you with that?

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First things first

You need to contact me so that we can find a time, date, and location for where you would like to have your dog photo taken. Send me an e-mail with dates that works for you, the time you prefer and if you have ideas send me locations and picture ideas you would like with your dog.

My specialty is outside in natural light and I always love to see dogs in their right element. Your location can be at your home, on your favorite trail, or even in the city if you want that.

Have you thought about what type of photo you want? Action, Portrait, Sleeping, You want to be in the photo with your dog? If your dog has skills in doing things like tricks, we can always try some more special or fun photos too. The more info you give me on what you want in your photo the easier it is for me to prepare for the shoot. But I can also help with ideas if you don't really know what you want. Then you can tell me more about yourself and your dog, and I will give you some ideas based on that. We will find out something that you will be happy about.

I also have little experience in branding photos for businesses. My experience here is of course equipment for dogs and their sport.

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Date and time

Most people prefer photos during, Spring, Summer or Autumn but I don't mind winter photos too. It makes for some great pictures. Any time of the year, we will find out what works for you. Rainy days can also make great photos. But if that is not for you and it happens to rain on your photoshoot day. No problem, we will make a new schedule for a new photoshoot for you. No extra cost.

As for the time of the day, sunset or sunrise is a very nice time of the day to go shooting. And what many people think is a great time to go shooting is on sunny days. But cloudy days are better. Why? The clouds make a great soft light which is easier to take pictures in. But again it all depends on what type of pictures you want and we will talk about all this before the day arrives.

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Before the photoshoot

What you as a pet owner should think about before you arrive at the photoshoot.

- Bring along the dog's favorite toy. Toys are better to use in a photoshoot because then we can avoid drooling that might happen if we use treats. But you can also bring the dog's favorite treat too, we might need it.

- Practice on commando words the days before so that it might be easier to get the dog to sit, stay, or lay down on the photoshoot day.

- If you want your dog to look nice in the picture. Make sure to clean and groom him beforehand.

- Bring your dog's towel and brush, in case we need to clean the dog up a bit during the shoot.

- I will also recommend bringing or have a dog collar on instead of a harness because with a dog collar the picture is more clean and nice.

- If you have an active dog I would recommend tiring the dog out before you arrive so that the energy of the dog is easier to work with.


Picking your favorite photo

Then it is time for retouching the photos. That means I create the pictures I took even better. Sometime after the photoshoot, you will see the result. I will send you a digital folder with the images. They will be in a low resolution with a watermark in the image. Now you can sit at home and pick out your favorite photo. Pick out the photos you would like in a high resolution and the amount that includes in the package you chose.

You can also choose other products that we offer.



We have different packages for you to choose from. But we prefer to get to know you and your furry friend so that we can together find the best for you.



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